I will tune your brain to Alpha

tune your brain to Alpha
tune your brain to Alpha

About This Gig

There are 3 recordings, each running approximately 35 minutes, which will gently induce your brainwaves into the Alpha State.  You'll get Alpha for Peaceful Meditation, Alpha for Easy Autosuggestion and Alpha for Enhanced Visualization.

Here are some of the benefits you'll experience by increasing your Alpha brain waves:

Truly Relaxed Mind and Body 
Higher Creativity Levels 
Improved Problem Solving Abilities 
Emotional Stability  
Reduced Stress and Anxiety 
Ability to Enter the Flow State 
Super Learning  
Boosting the Immune System 
Improved Positive Thinking  
Increased Serotonin Levels  
Increased Self-Awareness  
All you have to do is listen with headphones and relax!

Give yourself the gift of the Alpha State of Mind today!