I will give You My Subliminal Weight Loss Video for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
give You My Subliminal Weight Loss Video
give You My Subliminal Weight Loss Video

About This Gig

This powerful video will flood your visual sense with a deluge of positive fitness and vitality images and phrases, while the audio portion simultaneously plays powerful subliminal messages that only your subconscious can pick up on.  These messages are all carefully designed to install ideas straight into your subconscious mind that will allow you to achieve your ideal weight. 

In addition to this, I have also combined a Theta Wave binaural beat track with the subliminal messages which will tune your brain and put you in a more receptive state so that you will be able to absorb both the subliminal messages and the visuals more easily into your subconscious.  It will also assist you in relaxing and de-stressing.

Your Ideal Weight will help you to effortlessly reprogram your subconscious mind in the area of fitness, health and eating, and truly allow you to develop a level of consciousness that will help you change your habits and achieve your ideal weight.  Consciously reminding yourself to think positively about healthy eating and exercise is time-consuming and something you will likely forget to do.