I will relax you beyond belief

relax you beyond belief
relax you beyond belief

About This Gig

This is the ultimate in stress and anxiety reduction! This wonderful set of six recordings is centered around the magic of water.  We ourselves are mostly composed of water as is our home, the Earth.  Water has magical properties that allow it to store information directed at it by the mind.  It really is quite amazing.  

What we have here, however, is another of the magical properties of water just for you! And that magical property is its uncanny ability to soothe, relax and melt away your every stress and anxiety.  The Magic of Water will have the effect of transporting your mind away to different locations as you use your imagination to visualise the scenes where these water sounds were recorded.

You'll get 3 recordings  of water on its own and those same recordings mixed with binaural beats:

Alpha is mixed with the Babbling Brook - for enhanced creativity.

Delta is mixed with the Rainfall - for peaceful sleep.

The Schumann Resonance Frequency is  mixed with the Waterfall.

The Schumann Resonance Frequency is the vibrational pulse of the planet Earth.

So whether you choose to listen to the soothing sounds of The Magic of Water with or without brain entrainment, it's all up to you!