I will help you have Out of Body Experiences

help you have Out of Body Experiences
help you have Out of Body Experiences

About This Gig

The Out of Body Experience (OOBE) - astral travel, remote viewing, etc.  It is the phenomenon of leaving your physical body, and travelling the astral realm to any place you desire.  Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute brought experience of this phenomenon into popularity in the 1970s with his book Journeys out of the Body.  And it has also been popularized by various remote viewers who were involved in the Stargate program.

The truly amazing thing about out of body experiences is that with practice, you can actually travel outside your body and bring back real, verifiable information from the outside world.  It is a truly astonishing ability to develop.

And now with this 1 hour recording, specially designed with isochronic tones to tune your brainwaves to frequencies that facilitate the OOBE, you can begin to learn how to travel outside your body as well!

Just download and listen! No headphones necessary!

In the Gig Extra section you can also grab a copy of the same 60 minute music track with binaural beats instead of isochronic, and another 60 minute track with a mixtrue of isochronic and binaural beats together.