I will help review your Kickstarter Campaign

help review your Kickstarter Campaign

About This Gig

*Cancelled orders was due to Xmas travels. Am fully back now to review your campaigns!

As a Crowdfunding expert, I will help review not just Kickstarter, but all Crowdfunding campaign and provide you with 10 professional recommendations for improving your Crowdfunding campaign in a bid to maximize your chances of achieveing your goal.

I will review your campaign video, script, pitch, social media strategy, product/project details and description, website, landing page and just anything associated with crowdfunding.

Have you campaign reviewed prior to launching! for just $5

Do not forget am available to manage your campaign as your campagin manager
Give you mentorship, advice, and guidance as your crowdfunding consultant.
Contact me also to customise a marketing plan for your campaign as I will also write a exculsive pitch for your crowdfunding.

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2 days delivery