I will draw your face photo to my gothic style

Brilliant likeness of the person - love it!
Reviewed by josmewing 12 months ago
Good experience.
Reviewed by mongoose_ over 2 years ago
Once again the seller delivers a high quality gig. I will be back.
Reviewed by mrredbeard over 2 years ago
very stylized, a different style of image....picture perfect ideal view.
Reviewed by debda_15 over 2 years ago
It is really good job, Thank you so vey much..!!
Reviewed by junnee over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bizbuildermike over 2 years ago
Nice job! Thank you very much!
Reviewed by nuckman over 2 years ago
Oh my ! this is wonderful! You have done a wonderful job! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Reviewed by fiversam over 2 years ago
Outstanding! I love it!
Reviewed by aureliocruz over 2 years ago
Does what she promised to do. Had no issues with this seller. Great work. Would buy from again and recommend.
Reviewed by jabbingjab over 2 years ago
Perfect! amazing service
Reviewed by carmo1234 over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rockstl over 2 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by bullocks about 3 years ago
seiouslt couldnt be happier great work
Reviewed by mrgore over 3 years ago
Great work!
Reviewed by graphicbench over 3 years ago
Reviewed by footbags over 3 years ago
draw your face photo to my gothic style

About This Gig

Hi, i made modification for gothic style (new one is audrey's style)
So, Just follow this :
1. place the order
2. send me the photo (Good quality)
3. receive drawing, complete the order and give review.

  • You will receive the picture in image format. JPG format in 682 px x 489 px
  • If you need for print just ask me, i will adjust the size to be what you need.
  • $5 is for one head only and didn't include full body. 
  • You can costumize the frame (see the extra below), but for default is rose frame for woman, and double circle for man

=Modified Request=
please if you need some modification, click the modification request (or redeliver or reject), and tell me what you need to modification (so i could see it)
if you just update in your order, i ussually cant see it.

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