I will perform Software Qi Gong Healing Session

perform Software Qi Gong Healing Session

About This Gig

Balance…It's been said that life is most enjoyed when there is balance.  Balance contributes to living a productive and successful life.

But today in this fast paced world, individuals are struggling to maintain balance.  

What to do? 

For centuries Qi Gong has been known to enhance relaxation, stress reduction and exercise programs. The literal translation of Qi Gong is "life energy cultivation".  Sounds good!

Today we can enhance the effects of Qi Gong using 21st Century Technology. It's called SRC4U.  Spiritual Realtime Correction for You, Qi Gong software.

I will run the SRC4U software focused on you and any issue(s) you wish to concentrate on.

Just as proper exercise and nutrition have always contributed to being healthier and feeling more balanced, adding Qi Gong enhancing software to your daily regimen can have a profoundly positive effect on your personal "life energy cultivation."

I will provide a screenshot of the the session in progress. 

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