I will advise you on your future based on the Bible

advise you on your future based on the Bible

About This Gig

What are your core values? Why isn't this working? Why is he/she a narcissist? Why can't I succeed at this? Why doesn't he /she love me?

  • ineffective communication 
  • family issues - kids, parents, grandparents
  • misunderstandings and misperceptions
  • values and cultural clashes. 
  • stress and real or perceived outside pressure
  • behaviour associated with bullying, such as micromanaging control freaks, ostracism, unacceptable sexual advances, lack of freedom and rumor spreading
  • it's not working
  • sudden illness or disability
  • naive
  • business conflicts or disputes
  • employee issues
  • no experience with this type of situation or contractual agreement

I am a Family Mediator. I've had successful relationships but I became disabled with cancer, my kid had ADHD, I became spiritual with mysticism from the Bible. I have expert experience to share. Together we will consult on strategic ways for you to strengthen your core values, add knowledge and make successful decisions. The answer could be a mathematical or logical deduction or an emotional understanding. Your strategy for becoming a winner is individualistic and issue specific. It is your strategy but we learn the "Why" and the"How" together.

Order Details

Understanding the Soul

15 minute consultation about your relationship or life concerns

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do we do in a consultation?
    These are not ordinary "meet up". You state of being is confused, frightened or disrupted.What was once a safe haven is now chaos.When you agree to my method, you will become smarter about the problem and solution. You immediately begin to renew the mind and spirit through a multifaceted approach.