I will do a Tarot card reading for you

do a Tarot card reading for you
do a Tarot card reading for you

About This Gig

Hi everyone!

I'm offering a tarot reading, and will try to help you in solving a problem or in finding an answer to a question you need to know an answer to. If you feel that you're stuck in life and need the help to move on, the Tarot Cards could help you with that, since they reveal the hidden meaning of events and offer unexpected solutions.

I can give you:
  • a question reading (that addressing a specific question) or
  • an open reading for extra $10 (address the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question).

I've done it for myself and others many times and the fortune telling usually is very accurate. The meaning is symbolic, and sometimes you recognize predicted things after they have happened to you, but this method definitely helps you to choose the direction in life and may serve you as a wake up call.
Order today, and get your life back!

If you don't like the reading you got I will NOT do it over (it's the cards, not me that tell you your fortune). You can contact me in a few months with the same question or ask me a different question.

Your questions and problems will be very confidential, so feel free to describe your situation.