I will provide 40 American film related trivia questions for $5

1 Revision Included / 5 Days On Average
provide 40 American film related trivia questions
provide 40 American film related trivia questions

About This Gig

I am a lifelong movie fan with access to movie reference books and the Internet and I will provide you with 40 researched questions related to American films of various genres. These questions will be provided from a pre-researched database and will be a mixture of genres and time periods of movies, and some general film knowledge.

I also take custom orders.

The questions can be in the following formats:

1. Questions with four answers provided, one correct. (Ex. Which of these classic SF films won the Oscar for best special effects in 1951: Rocketship XM, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Destination Moon, The War of the Worlds. Answer: Destination Moon

2. One question with the right answer provided. (Ex. In how many films did Clint Eastwood play the character "Dirty" Harry Callahan? Answer: 5 (Dirty Harry; Magnum Force; The Enforcer; Sudden Impact; The Dead Pool)

3. A mixture.

You choose.

These questions will be both entertaining and informative, good for having fun with friends, pub quizzes, parties or just showing off your esoteric knowledge to everyone in sight. I'll do the research and you'll have the fun. Questions will be sent to you in a Microsoft Excel format. Don't wait; order now.