I will provide 40 American film related trivia questions

provide 40 American film related trivia questions

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Description Random Movie Trivia Questions Themed Movie Trivia Questions In-Depth/Themed Trivia Questions
  I will send you 40 random movie trivia questions covering different time periods and types of film. I will send you 40 related questions covering a theme of your choice, such as genre or time period. Along with each themed question I will send a information tidbit about the question or source film.
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About This Gig

I am a lifelong movie fan with access to movie reference books and the Internet and I will provide you with 40 researched questions related to American films of various genres. These questions will be provided from a pre-researched database and will be a mixture of genres and time periods of movies, and some general film knowledge.

I also take custom orders, for questions related to specific genres, movie themes, time periods etc., for an extra $5 and an extra 2 days. And, my premium package will get you film/question info.

The questions can be in the following formats:

1. Questions with four answers provided, one correct. (Ex. Which of these classic SF films won the Oscar for best special effects in 1951: Rocketship XM, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Destination Moon, The War of the Worlds. Answer: Destination Moon)

2. One question with the right answer provided. (Ex. In how many films did Clint Eastwood play the character "Dirty" Harry Callahan? Answer: 5 (Dirty Harry; Magnum Force; The Enforcer; Sudden Impact; The Dead Pool)

3. A mixture.

These questions will be both entertaining and informative. Questions will be sent to you in an Access report format. Don't wait; order now.