I will promote music, blogs and products to 125k Christians

promote music,  blogs and products to 125k Christians
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promote music,  blogs and products to 125k Christians
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About This Gig

I own several twitter accounts that specialize in Christian ministry, Bible verses & encouragement. I have two twitter accounts that run 84,000+ & 44,000+ 

I will tweet about a website, retweet you or a message you provide (that I may edit), recommend you for a follow, (etc) 2 times (total) over 2-3 days. This provided you are compatible with my target audience (Christians). You can choose the large English account or the Spanish account  for $5 each.

1 link per $5 - I use bitly so we can follow the clicks!
Pictures are extra add the gig extra and you will get 3 picture tweets!

Translation to Spanish is available

You will be mixed into my mix. you must fit my mix, meaning no foul language, mature themes, hate or weirdness! You gain real exposure to a niche market - this is great for promoting Christian books or music - family oriented accounts or services - services for churches - blogs. 

My take is that for the right people this is an incredible opportunity, certainly not for everyone - don't be offended if you don't fit - keep looking! 

Be blessed!  :)

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Packages of multiple tweets

3 days delivery