I will be Your Amazon Drop Shipping Shortcut Consultant

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be Your Amazon Drop Shipping Shortcut Consultant
be Your Amazon Drop Shipping Shortcut Consultant

About This Gig

I love helping.  

I've made all the mistakes and learned the ropes.  My staff of 10 handled all the details.  I paid them 1.60 - 3.00 per hour for:

  • Order Processing - when orders come in
  • Customer Service - phone, email and chat
  • Listing Products - 1000s in a day
  • Dealing with Suppliers
  • Listing Re-Writes
  • Improving Systems and Processes
  • Training new staff
  • Managing the staff
  • Fifty more....

Shortcuts include:

  • How can multiple staff work on the same customer issue without problems

  • How do I locate the best value in staff

  • Where can I find a limitless number of suppliers that drop ship

  • How do I list tens of thousands of products quickly

  • How do I monitor staff who I'll never meet

Any one of these questions can prevent you from succeeding.  I'm here to ensure you have the answers that you might never figure out on your own.  Not one in a hundred Amazon merchants do a million dollar business.  Now you have a Pro who will point you in the right direction, even get the work done for you that you either cannot understand or don't have time for.  Just ask.

One gig is one question and answer.  Order now and speed to the finish line.  How easy can it get?

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