I will motivate and inspire you via 20 min call or Skype

motivate and inspire you via 20 min call or Skype

About This Gig

Would you like to live the best 365 days of your life and beyond?  Do you want to free yourself from toxic thinking, people and toxic results?  Do you need a push or kick start to begin to live the dream.   Allow me the opportunity to motivate and inspire you with words of wisdom, positive quotes and perspectives, and let's wake up the greatness that you have inside.  We will touch on the subject(s) and areas where you need motivation.  We will talk about how to be a better you, how to forgive, how to love yourself and how to get what you want in life.   I will do so with a 20 min. phone call (US only) or via Skype (worldwide).  There is no point in living another day without having what you want and need.  You are a masterpiece and it is time for your to start moving toward your destiny.  

Disclaimer: Our sessions are rooted in inspirational coaching, motivation and planting seeds for positive growth and forward thinking.  We are not a counseling service and there are some areas that we unfortunately cannot address and should be handled by the appropriate agency/persons.  This includes Domestic Abuse, Criminal Activities and some areas dealing with Mental Health Issues.     

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