I will delete your forgotten password on ALL Excel files for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
delete your forgotten password on ALL Excel files
delete your forgotten password on ALL Excel files

About This Gig

It's always annoying, forgetting passwords.

Well the good news is that if the document isn’t encrypted, I can remove any password for you!

ADDED FEATURE: I can also deliver you the exact method to remove the password, if you want. Since protected spreadsheets are in most cases not the ones you want to send around, you can also only order this one and get the INFO on HOW to remove the password (do it yourself). Please bear in mind you will have to dig into some code, but it isn't too hard for a moderate computer user. For Excel < 2007 it's really easy, also for beginners by the way...

Why choose this Gig and not the other? Well...:

1) I go up to 10 sheets of unlocking in stead of 1 or 3 sheets;

2) I'll unlock the workbook for you so every reference is working (up to 10 sheets per Excelfile). More sheets to unlock? Always possible, just add another Gig);

3) I don't ask to send me the file first, and then provide you with an offer;

4) This Gig also works for the NEW 2007+ Excel files! In the latest Office versions, the passwords are encrypted also, but hey, don't bother!

5) I'll also UNHIDE cells, sheets and text which are also not visible without any password (unless you specify otherwise).