I will read you Palm and tell you about your future

read you Palm and tell you about your future

About This Gig

Coming from a family of mystics, I was taught in the arts of fortune telling since I was a child. I'm not promising miracles and all I offer is the truth. My readings are based on science as well and are not just stories and prophecies that you'd get from a street fortune teller. I can tell you about your health, relationship and financial success. Sometimes I can get information that will be very helpful for your future, like health hazards that you'll encounter or something else that you should watch out for. 
Please only purchase this service if you can handle the answers. I've had people get depressed by the outcome. BE WARNED. I won't tell you lies, I won't tell you only what you want to hear. If you want lies or nice stories, go to a street fortune teller. Sometimes the truth is not bright as one might expect, so please don't blame me for this. I'm only delivering the message, I do not create it.