I will create outstanding LinkedIn profile for You

create outstanding LinkedIn profile for You
create outstanding LinkedIn profile for You

About This Gig

Greetings Fiverr user!

As you already might know LinkedIn is world best Professional Social Media for people who are looking for a job, recruiters, B2B, Networking etc. But it is not secret that this website is pretty hard to use for beginners and even normal users, plus in order to have good profile you will need help of other people using this social media (endorsements, recommendations). That's why my gig is here to help you!

In this gig I offer you - creation of All-Star profile from scratch, which means:
  • Transforming your resume into profile (or creation of fake profile based on your requirements)
  • Filling all the neccessary sections for All-Star profiles
  • 12+ endorsements for all your skills (so skills sections will look complete)
  • 2 recommendations for your experience
  • Generate first 50 connections
  • Visuals
(*) You need to order extra gig "create complete profile" in order to receive all services listed above. For 5$ you will receive PDF file with basic tips and instructions on how to use LinkedIn.

I have a lot of example of my work already. Contact me and I will share the links with you.

Need anything else related to LinkedIn? Drop me message, I'm sure I can help you!

Order Details

2 days delivery

PDF Instruction

Simple PDF file explaining how to use LinkedIn