I will write a 300 word travel blog post for $5

write a 300 word travel blog post
write a 300 word travel blog post

About This Gig

There's nothing I like more than traveling except writing and researching travel. I've roamed over 40+ countries and lived on 3 continents ever since my college thesis was awarded a scholarship to study abroad at Oxford. 

I have written hundreds of travel articles, been published both online and in print and been the editor for not 1, not 2, 3, or 4... but 5 popular travel magazines in Europe.

I will write you a well-thought out 300 word SEO article about any travel destination/ activity in three days or less.

You provide the destination. I will fill in the details.

Please ORDER an additional GIG if:

  • You would like me to add company information, website links or you provide a specific topic. 
  • You have any other specifications beside destination and (3) keywords.
  • You would like me to title your article.
  • The topic/destination cannot be covered in 325 words or less.

Feel free to contract me PRIOR to ordering of more information.

Satisfaction guaranteed!! Error Free!! Completely Original!!