I will get you 500 adsense safe traffic

get you 500 adsense safe traffic

About This Gig

Hi, Guys!
Looking for Adsense safe traffic on fiverr?​ Hope my top rated 500 visitor will be best solution for you. visitor quality is good and hourly visitor flow.
i do not spread all visitor in an hours or day. to keep your account secure the visitors is filtering from 3 stage system to prevent referrer.

Traffic quality & Policy Is following.

  • 100% Adsense Safe and Qualified only for AdSense.
  • No PTC, No fake bot, No Hitleap, No jingling etc.
  • Google analytic Traceable and visitor almost appear on analytic.
  • Very Low CTR to keep visitor flow accurate.
  • High CPC niche can make $$ much over estimated.
  • One month full distribution with per day & hourly basis amount.
  • Minimum delivery speed 500 per 24 hours max 5,000.

* Tracking only via Goo.gl
* No Ads click guarantee
* Accept only one domain per order

This is very exclusive traffic system at fiverr. we do not accept YouTube video, visitor source is expired domain, ppc low cost ads, cpa network ads, social media etc but for your Adsense safety no referrer to to be shown at analytic.

Customer support 24/7. just leave a message to get reply soon.

Order Details

Give You 500 Adsense Safe Traffic

Quality Adsense Safe Web Traffic

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can i split the traffic more than one domain?
    No, I accept only one domain per order. even you purchase any extra gig.
  • How long to delivery?
    If you purchase only 500 then it will be delivered within 24/48 hours. for any extra gig you can request to delivery it up to 14 days.
  • What are delivery speed?
    I delivery hourly basis speed. max 10-300 per hour based on your request. for 500 traffic you can request a speed but must be completed in 72 hours max time.
  • Is it Adsense safe?
    Yes, it 100% adsense safe.
  • Will i earn money with this traffic?
    Yes, you may earn much than spending but its depended on your website keyword CPC.
  • Will i receive guaranteed click on my ads?
    No, you will get only ordered amount traffic without any ads click guarantee. maximum case you will receive click because it fully natural traffic but no guarantee.
  • What is Traffic Source?
    Traffic source is expired domain, low cost PPC ads, social media, banner & contextual link ads etc. for your adsense safety no referrer will be displayed on analytic. it will come up uknown referrer.
  • From which country i will receive traffic?
    This is world wide traffic. you can request for a specific country targeted traffic using a custom order.
  • My question is not listed here. what to do now?
    Thanks for your interest. please click on contact link to send your question. i will get back within 24 hours.