I will convert ANY flat file into Oracle tables

convert ANY flat file into Oracle tables

About This Gig

Oracle Data-Conversion On Demand

Contact me now - I respond almost instantaneously.

I'm offering flat file (text file) data conversion in 24 hours for $5.

You must have data in a single text file with well defined fields and records.

You will supply the detailed file format description, along with a representative sample of data.
You also supply the detailed table structures of all target tables.

I will supply the code files necessary to complete your conversion, include code
to create external tables and PL/SQL package code.

If necessary, we will schedule a 15 minutes call to clarify your requirements.

Contact me with your specific details, and let's get it done.

Available exclusively on Fiverr.

Order Details

One flat-file to be converted.

One flat-file in a given format will be converted to one or more tables.

  • 30 Minutes Live Consultation
1 day delivery