I will turn Phone Automation ideas into APP

turn Phone Automation ideas into APP

About This Gig

Your Personal Phone Automation App Machine

Contact me. I'll respond almost instantaneously.

*NOTE* You must have an Android smartphone.

What if your phone:

  • Announced the title of a reminder, instead of a generic reminder noise?
  • Sent SMS to certain incoming calls when it is on silent?
  • Started recording a phone call when you shook it, and played it back when you hung up?
  • Automatically hangs-up on annoying callers?

Or maybe your idea is so personal, no one has thought of it before.

No need to purchase advanced techie apps like Tasker, then invest endless hours learning it.

I will turn your automation requirement into a custom APP delivered to you.

Explain your automation requirement clearly, and I will turn it into an APP for you.

*NOTE* You must have an Android smartphone.

Available exclusively on Fiverr.

Order Details

5 days delivery 5 Revisions

One Custom App

Small set of related automation requirements delivered as a single custom app.

  • App Submission
  • 1 Operating System
  • App Icon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work on iPhone or Windows Phone
  • Do I need to purchase and install Tasker, MacroDriod, or other specialty App?
    No. A custom app will be build for you.