I will clear your negative karma with powerful energy, deeksha, blessing

clear your negative karma with powerful energy, deeksha, blessing

About This Gig

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We would love to send you this amazing collective blessing to remove the negative, ancestral and past-life karma that is affecting your life. 

You will receive:

*      Group collective Deeksha, tailored to you individually.

*      Group collective prayer for a wish, could be karmic or ancestral.

*      Audio clip recording from our Deeksha session.* This is unique to you and includes 

       any insights or advice that we intuitively receive during the Deeksha.

Order now for yourself or a loved one, and experience the amazing benefits as your negative karmic account is dissolved.

Negative Karma manifests as all sorts of difficulties in this life. For example illness, obstacles and unwanted challenges that stop us from succeeding.

This powerful collective Deeksha energy will help to dissolve your negative karma, allowing you to live the life you desire.  

*During Deeksha we often receive insights/visions from the higher intelligence related to you. These can be helpful in giving clarity and confidence. Please note, this is not guaranteed. If it does not happen, we will give you another Deeksha session within 48 hours.

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2 days delivery

Collective Deeksha

Powerful, collective Deeksha unique to you