I will send Powerful Energy, Deeksha, for Vibrant Health and Long Life

send Powerful Energy, Deeksha, for Vibrant Health and Long Life

About This Gig

Deeksha for Health and Longevity is a powerful healing energy designed to clear the blocks and contamination in your energetic body, thus helping you to rediscover a joyful and healthy life.

You will receive:

*       Group Deeksha healing session, tailored to you.

*       Group collective prayer for a desire (less stress etc) or a specific  

         illness/problem (upcoming surgery/long standing health problem etc)       

*        Audio clip recording from your Deeksha session.* Includes any insights or visions

         we receive from the higher intelligence.


Order for yourself or a loved one, and discover the amazing healing effects of this powerful energy. 

Deeksha works by clearing the blocks in your 7 major energy centres (chakras) each of which corresponds to a physical system/organ. As your chakras are cleared, energy is able to flow freely and those organs/systems are healed.

*Often we receive insights/images from the higher intelligence during Deeksha. These can come in the form of visions, advice and/or clarity which can help you. Please note, this is not guaranteed. If it does not happen, we can offer your another Deeksha session within 48 hours in which it might.

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2 days delivery

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Deeksha for Vibrant Health and Long Life