I will create a new IMDB for your movie or tv show

create a new IMDB for your movie or tv show

About This Gig


I Have 10 years of experience with IMDB. I know all the little "dirty" secrets on how to make IMDB accept almost anything that I send.

Most people don´t know this, but IMDB assign you a sort of "credibility" score, and the more truthful information you send, the easier they approve your submissions.

But here´s the thing... They have to be real. If you want me to invent a credit for you or mess up the credits of some rival movie, I´m not your guy.

If you have trouble updating your IMDB, I CAN HELP YOU. And I can assure you that if you send me all the information that I ask you, I´m 99% sure IMDB will accept your credits.

Make sure you send me a message before ordering the gig, so I can make sure that we don´t loose our time, and you have all the necessary info so I can send it to IMDB.

I will send your credits within 72h, and IMDB may take anothe 3-5 business day to update it in their system, but I will provide you with proof that the submission was sent as soon as I do it.

I have no control about what IMDB approves so even I can guarantee a 99% rate of acceptance, they may deny the credit, in that case I can´t offer a refund.

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2 days delivery


Will create new IMDB page for your movie or show, with Up to 10 Credits