I will detect your Internal Seo problems create SiteMap for $5

detect your Internal Seo problems create SiteMap
detect your Internal Seo problems create SiteMap

About This Gig

I will create a full Valid sitemap for your website, for submitting to Yandex Google Bing AOL 


 quick summary of some of the data collected in a crawl include –

  • Errors – Client errors such as broken links & server errors (No responses, 4XX, 5XX).
  • Redirects – Permanent or temporary redirects (3XX responses).
  • Blocked URLs – View & audit URLs disallowed by the robots.txt protocol.
  • External Links – All external links and their status codes.
  • Protocol – Whether the URLs are secure (HTTPS) or insecure (HTTP).
  • URI Issues – Non ASCII characters, underscores, uppercase characters, parameters, or long URLs.
  • Duplicate Pages – Hash value / MD5checksums algorithmic check for exact duplicate pages.
  • Page Titles – Missing, duplicate, over 65 characters, short, pixel width truncation, same as h1, or multiple.
  • Meta Description – Missing, duplicate, over 156 characters, short, pixel width truncation or multiple.
  • Meta Keywords – Mainly for reference, as they are not used by Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • File Size – Size of URLs & images.
  • Response Time.
  • Last-Modified Header.
  • Page Depth Level.
  • Word Count.
and a lot more can be acchived

for 5$ you get a sitemap only