I will create a 3D wooden sign

VERY VERY pleased with this gig! Not only was it done quickly but went over and above our expectations! Would definitely come back! Thank you!
Reviewed by cristoforskye 9 months ago
Insanely fast turnaround and lots of examples to use for my proof of concept. Great :D
Reviewed by mac3971 11 months ago
create a 3D wooden sign
create a 3D wooden sign
create a 3D wooden sign

About This Gig

 I will create a wooden sign with your text (up to 14 characters) 

on the wall and send you a picture of it (jpeg.file).

Just tell me what you want me to write and I will do it. 

You can use it for many purposes: as a gift, logo, your FACEBOOK (or any other social network) cover photo, flyer photo, screensaver, as a cover of your CD, on your blog, almost anything...   
Or simply, just for fun! 

Love message, your name, company name, anything you want...  It's up to you!

I'll do it with my idea and design ( I insist on that as an artist ). All my creations  will be 100% unique.  It will be useful to tell me what is the purpose of it ( is it just for fun, or if you are an artist, what kind of art, or if it's for busyness, what kind of busyness, where you want to use it, etc.), so I can think in a right direction and give you the best results.

If you do have ANY suggestions, please CONTACT me BEFORE you order!