I will do anything for you in Hong Kong bcos I am resourceful

do anything for you in Hong Kong bcos I am resourceful

About This Gig

Please contact BEFORE placing a gig. We hope to align expectations first. :) 

I am Meisy - a local in Hong Kong. I am known to be super resourceful. I have the sweet girl and a business woman personality at the same time. And, I have a team of locals here to back me up to serve you. Yes I am the boss. I am a fun person and I appreciate arts.  I love helping out. I had my education in Hong Kong and the U.S. 

Want something from my end? Happy to assist you! I serve locals and foreign guests!

What can I do for you? Personal / Business - also work for me. You name what you need. I am the Miss Resourceful. Please message for a quotation. 

Personal FUN stuffs - shopping, price checking, restaurant reservation, dropshipping , trip planning, sending you some stuffs, third party shipping, sourcing, trend information, etc

Personal SERIOUS stuffs - medical appointments , doctor referrals, insurance practice info, lawyer referrals, etc

Business stuffs- bank account opening referrals, virtue office setup, SME related matters, eCommerce agent referrals, insurance information, actuary referrals, accounting referrals, China sourcing, trademark filing in US/ HK/ China, etc

Order Details

1 day delivery

Name it I can do it.

1) Ship stuffs for you 2) Concierge 3) Professional contacts 4) Business info

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you speak Cantonese, Mandarin & English?
    THREE BIG YESSES. Cantonese - native, Mandarin - fluent and I need to speak Mandarin at work, English - fluent enough to date an English speaking naive and get the jokes from the Big Bang Theory. English accent: Pro-American.
  • Do you charge a fair rate?
    Yes, honestly. I am super confident my charge would be a fair deal. I know my service and I know my connections and I do believe I won't disappoint you. My life-style service is professional and personal.
  • Do you make international calls?
    Yes if necessary. I love clean communication. If a brief call will make things work out easy, why not?!
  • Can I meet you in person?
    I don't think that will be necessary. LOL. I should be able to take your task with my hands here. In case the task will require my presence, then yes you will be able to meet me up. I am not robot. LOL.
  • Can you also serve high-end or demanding customers?
    ALL MY LIFE I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH THEM. You can answer that for me.
  • Why are you on FIVERR?
    After all I am a sweet lady who wants to try out something new and serve others. I have my well established company and connections. I serve you with my experience and connections I have earned. I want to extend my service to more international customers. I think you can trust me. :)