I will answer your Start Up business Tax Question

answer your Start Up business Tax Question

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I am a CPA with 25 years of tax and accounting experience.

I provide services to individuals, corporations, partnerships and tax-exempt organizations located across the US and in several countries abroad.

If you owe IRS taxes that you are currently unable to pay, I will obtain a settlement agreement with the IRS.

IRS tax agreements can be; payment arrangements, offers in compromise, currently non-collectable status approval(CNC)...etc.

With a CNC approval you will not be required to pay any of the federal taxes owed, until/unless your financial situation improves to the point where making tax payments would not create an undue financial burden.

Certain taxes such as employee payroll tax withholding and sales taxes have additional rules under the trust tax & other code provisions.

Please contact us with your questions.

Eric Rippeth, CPA
Eagle Tax & Accounting CPAs, Inc.

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