I will do a full day DNA healing for you

do a full day DNA healing for you

About This Gig

DNA Activation healing for a Full Day, Reveal the hidden chromosomes of Youth and Vitality. Unlock your full DNA code *see our extra gigs for more.

During DNA Healing you may experience:

Increased energy and feeling light

Light tingling of your body

Warm areas on the body

Feelings of excitement/love

Body/mind connection

Sound experiences

Feeling youthful

Heightened intuition

Awakening of higher self

Spiritual upliftment

Connection to source

Out of Body experiences

Enhance creative processes

Vibrations through the body

Showing increased empathy

Deeper understanding of universal law

Rapid adaptation to changes in environments

Enhanced healing techniques/practices

Deeper awareness of people in public situations

Awareness of gravity and the laws of attraction

We welcome any feedback. Please allow some time for your healing to 'activate'. Recommend time = 1 week for activation effects to manifest.

We recommend the Full Package of 2 DNA Activation Healings held on consecutive days. Especially if you are a working healing practitioner.

We work on the consciousness connections between the DNA Strands and Cellular body and reveal the hidden strands. See our extra Gigs for more details. Be Well & Get Activated!