I will help YOU Lose Fat Fast and Easy

help YOU Lose Fat Fast and Easy

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As a former fatguy, I know what it means to be fat. 

4 Years ago, I lost all hope, thinking I would stay fat forever. And being that depressed, I started eating more and got more fat. 

2 years ago I started weightlifting and that changed my life and my look on a healthy lifestyle. I learned how to lose fat and wanted to help people that had a hard time losing pounds.

I'm going to state an important thing up front, exercise is NOT needed to lose fat. It's all diet based. Although it's really helpfull, you can get lean without even touching a weight or running a mile.

I will help you lose 2-4lbs (1-2kg) a week.
I will help you create a mealplan that's suited for your body & needs.

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