I will guarantee 2 numbers in the same Florida Lotto ticket

guarantee 2 numbers in the same Florida Lotto ticket
guarantee 2 numbers in the same Florida Lotto ticket

About This Gig

Hello Everyone!

Here is the thrill: This gig will deliver you a set of combinations to play using ALL 53 numbers from the Florida Lotto game. Even though my guarantees are simple, they are 100% GUARANTEED!

This is how it works:

I will use all 53 numbers available for the Florida Lotto and combine them in a way that you will ALWAYS have at least 2 numbers together in the same ticket. I know it doesn't sound like like a lot but once you start playing and winning you will see how well worth this system is.


- At Least 2 numbers correct in the same ticket!

How many combinations? 

- There will be a total of 112 combinations if you are going to simply play them as they are.

Can the number of combinations be reduced?

- ABSOLUTELY! And I will teach you how.

What you will receive from me:

- All Combinations in a .txt file
- My Guide on How To Play The Lottery And Win Consistently!


- Same combinations in an Excel and Microsoft Access formats for easy handling when you both establish those beautiful 5 stars from Fiverr!

Order Details

3 days delivery

Florida Lotto - 2 Numbers Correct

This gig is to guarantee at least 2 numbers correct on the Florida Lotto ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many combinations are in this set?
    There are a total of 112 combinations, but you don't have to play them all.
  • Is there a way to reduce the combinations and still guarantee the same results?
    Absolutely YES! And I will teach you how absolutely FREE