I will write a song parody on the subject of your choice

write a song parody on the subject of your choice
write a song parody on the subject of your choice

About This Gig

You know the moment: you have the perfect song in mind, but the original lyrics aren't quite cutting it. That, my friend, is when you need a really great song parody.

Whether you need it for business promotion, as a gift, or just for fun, I've got your song-parodying needs covered. Some of my past parodies have made people laugh, won contests, and even landed statewide media attention for small businesses. What can I say? If there's anything I love more than a great song, it's that same great song with totally different lyrics.

For $5, I will write new lyrics for one verse and one chorus set to the song of your choice, on the subject of your choice.* This includes written lyrics only, with no music or audio. 

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Here's an example of a parody I wrote:

*To clarify: I am not the singer featured in the video above - I only wrote the lyrics to the song. If you're looking for someone to sing your song, I'm not right for the job.* 

I look forward to working with you!

- Please, no adult-themed, threatening, or otherwise offensive subjects.
- I retain all intellectual property rights to the lyrics I write.

First Verse and Chorus

This offer includes parody lyrics for the first verse and chorus (or equivalent).

  • Original Lyrics
2 days delivery 0 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost to write parody lyrics for an entire song?
    It depends on the song. I charge $5 for the first verse and chorus (or equivalent), and $5 for each additional verse/bridge/segment/etc. Feel free to contact me with your song choice prior to placing your order - I'll be happy to give you a customized quote based on the song.
  • Will you sing the parody, too?
    Not on any kind of finalized/high-quality track - you'd need someone else for that. What I can do is provide a *very* rough recording of me singing the parody for $5 extra, meant only to demonstrate how the lyrics fit the melody.
  • Can you write an original song?
    Sorry, no - I write parody lyrics only, not original melodies. But I'm sure there's a talented songwriter on Fiverr who would be happy to help create a new song for you!