I will proofread and edit your writing up to 2000 words

proofread and edit your writing up to 2000 words

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Description 2000 for $5 5000 for $10 10000 for $20
  Proofreading/editing your writing up to 2000 words. Proofreading/editing your writing up to 5000 words. Proofreading/editing your writing up to 10,000 words.
Feedback is suggestions about how a text's style, content and readability can be improved.
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2000 5000 10000
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About This Gig

You know those people who always notice every little spelling slip-up and grammar goof? Sure, it's annoying in everyday life, but wouldn't you like to have one of those people on your side when you have important writing to do? Well, here's your chance! 

For $5 I will review and edit your article, essay, presentation, paper, story, ad copy, whatever sort of document you need, up to 2000 words.  I can also do longer pieces, at $10 for 5000 words and $20 for 10,000 words. I will make sure your spelling, grammar, word choice, syntax, and punctuation are readable and error-free. I have been a published writer for nearly 15 years.  I have an advanced degree and experience copy-editing on the staff of an academic journal, so difficult scholarly writing and legalese are welcome. Within two days you will have a polished piece of writing that allows your thoughts and ideas to shine through, unimpaired by distracting errors. Rush jobs available. 

I am also happy to help you turn your outline or jumbled thoughts into a coherent piece of writing, or critique your work for more than errors - just contact me to discuss first.