I will create a wordpress child theme

create a wordpress child theme
create a wordpress child theme

About This Gig

If you plan to make changes to your theme code, like the styles.css file, functions.php or other files it is important that you create whats called a "CHILD THEME" before you make those edits.

There are good reasons to have a Child theme:
  • Theme Updates:   If you make changes to your theme programming code and later update the theme, all your changes are lost!   The child theme lets you update the parent theme and keep all those changes, thus any css styling, security or functionality changes will still be included in your main site!
  • Site Development:  Having a child theme can really help you speed up the development process. If you are a beginner to developing Wordpress themes having a child theme lets you tinker away without causing a major problem to your site.   If you make a mistake you can just undo the changes in the child theme and the parent theme will take over the original operation.

Place an order and I will log in and create a child theme for you ready to edit and have fun with!  It's the safest way to play with your site code and settings!

If you have any questions please ask me before ordering!!