I will edit and retouch your photos

edit and retouch your photos
edit and retouch your photos

About This Gig

I love retouching and editing photos to take a ho-hum picture to one that looks amazing. I do it to my own pictures all the time and I am constantly getting compliments that I look like a model in my photos and that they look professional. The difference between the original and the final photo can be astonishing and the difference between feeling bad about yourself and wanting to delete it- to wanting to make it your profile picture. My three favorite edits are smoothing out skin (including wrinkles), teeth whitening, and body slimming. I can also adjust posture (not all the time - sometimes it's just not possible to still have it look realistic) but most of the time it works. I also love to add filters to make the picture so much more interesting, blurring backgrounds to bring out the focus of the photo, and who doesn't love having a slimmer waist. I can also lighten up a picture, I can often remove double chins (although I can't promise that- it all depends on the picture) and just generally make a picture look 1000x better than when I first looked at it! I love doing it! I'd love to help you get more photos that you love to look at! 

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Editing of two photos

I will edit your photo to include smoothing out wrinkles, body slimming, whitening teeth, etc.

2 days delivery 3 Revisions
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