I will correct all the grammar in your gig description for $5

correct all the grammar in your gig description
correct all the grammar in your gig description

About This Gig

Improve your gigs even further by having a native English speaker correct all the minor grammatical errors that will give people confidence to deal with you.

Get full marks for language and people will trust you more, and be much more willing to spend money with. Correct written language will show that you are good at understanding their problem, as well as good at what you do.

Stand out from the crowd when you are selling gigs to English speakers.

This gig will suggest heading changes for better English.

It will also rewrite your entire description, making spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure changes so that it reads naturally and flawlessly.

You can then read it and approve it, and edit your gig by copying and pasting my new text onto your gig.

You are not only selling your gig, but your communication. It will not look like you used Google translate anymore, it will look like you write as well as any who learned English as a first language.

You will not be disappointed in this result on your turnover.

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