I will edit and FORMAT your cookbook

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edit and FORMAT your cookbook
edit and FORMAT your cookbook

About This Gig

You need a trusted pro familiar with cooking to edit and format your cookbook. I will copy edit, check the logic of your recipes, flag odd quantities or missing ingredients, add missing steps, and format it for printing.

Starts at $5/1500 words. Send me your manuscript for a custom quote.  

Indexing available - $150 for 30K-90K word-length books. Or ask for a custom quote.  I will index relevant ingredients and recipe categories (i.e. apple, soup, turkey but not flour, salt, black pepper).

Does not include recipe testing. I have a good general knowledge of cooking, recipes, methods & ingredients. 

I'm a native New Yorker in love with world cuisines & cooking shows.  I've been writing for 35 years, inventing recipes for 30.  I have worked in the NYC printing industry, desktop publishing and graphic design, and worked briefly in my dad's restaurant.

Please see my ratings, and please ask for my Amazon portfolio of customers.

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7 days delivery 5 Revisions

Proofread & format a cookbook

I will proofread and professionally design the interior of your cookbook

  • Print Layout
Number of words
This Package includes 1200 words. For each additional 3000 words, the price is $15.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of styling do you provide? Can I have more specifics?
    I use the application's built-in style features (not space-bar & return character) to create proper headlines, bold, italic, columns, footnotes, headers & footers, images inline or with run-around, table of contents, index, citations, drop caps, text boxes, and more. (application dependent)
  • What applications and document formats can you work with?
    Documents can be formatted in: Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Apple Pages Apple Keynote Adobe InDesign CS6 Google Docs Libre/Open Office PDF RTF Markdown HTML + CSS (hand-coded, 1 column) Scrivener (note: Scrivener has presets, not styles) Evernote Ask!
  • Can I just get formatting? I've already had my book edited.
    Of course! Please don't hesitate to ask for a custom quote. I'll be happy to help with just the interior design of your book.
  • What types of recipe mistakes will you catch?
    I've noticed missing ingredients (cake with no flour), quantity errors (c -> tsp), temperature typos (305°F -> 350°F), add oven preheating step, rearrange steps into a logical order, make ingredient names consistent, spell check brand names, etc. I can't guarantee finding everything, of course.
  • Are you familiar with European recipes?
    Ingredients & methods, yes. I'm more familiar with Imperial measures than with metric and scale use in Europe. I know the error of my ways and how important it is to bake by weight not by measure. I will go out of my way to double-check Celsius temperatures and metric weights for logic.