I will send you a COURSE template for Udemy in Word or Scrivener

send you a COURSE template for Udemy in Word or Scrivener
send you a COURSE template for Udemy in Word or Scrivener
send you a COURSE template for Udemy in Word or Scrivener

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Description Just the Word Template Just the Scrivener Template New to Scrivener
  You just need the course creation template in Word format You're already familiar with Scrivener, so you just need the course creation template I've never used Scrivener so please send me the template and the video tour
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About This Gig

This is a must-have tool for creating online course outlines & scripts .  Choose between Word or Scrivener versions and use it for every class!

Do you want a course creation template that helps guide you through course planning and creation? Do you need to keep your lecture scripts, notes and progress organized?

I've included tough questions about your target market, a place to keep track of your keyword and competitive research. I've added notes and examples for course outlining with some of the best practices of top Udemy sellers and combined them with my own experience for this unique course creation tool. 

The basic $5 Word template has all the forms & questions to answer to create your course and tips on how to organize it.

The $10 Scrivener version includes progress tracker, extra resources, & word count targets. Mark the stage of each lecture, track your next step, and you will have your course "To Dos" right at your fingertips.

Extras include a 4-page PDF guide to script your promotional video, and an Extra Fast 1 day delivery.  Going for gold? Get the video tour/tutorial extra to show you how to use the Scrivener version.

I am planning over 10 courses and use this template.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Scrivener?
    It is a Mac/Windows application for organizing large writing projects. You can download a free trial at http://literatureandlatte.com -- if you are new to Scrivener, consider my Video Extra. It gives a brief walk-through of the template and Scrivener.
  • What are the extra features included in the Scrivener template?
    Word count targets for video lecture scripts, customized Status markers specific to recording, editing, captioning, etc., the Research section links to relevant articles for instructors, 1 click to add a whole course section or video script to your Binder — and all usual Scrivener features.
  • What's the difference between Word and Scrivener?
    Scrivener is a little like OneNote; it includes a built-in document organizer. It allows you to view the document organizer in 3 ways, track word counts & status for each document, etc. To organize your course Word documents use either the file system & folders or use OneNote.
  • Do you have any other Scrivener video resources?
    I recently created a basic Intro walk-through & a video to help customers install Scrivener templates. You can find them on YouTube under my username: "eclectictllc" & the keyword Scrivener. If you like that, try out the Premium gig with the Scrivener template & video tour.