I will gratefully accept your tip for my services

gratefully accept your tip for my services

About This Gig

Say "Thank you!" to Criss Ittermann, the Eclectic Tech (eclectictllc on Fiverr).

Sometimes the success of your project isn't immediately evident, or you realize that the advice I gave you while working on your project has saved you time, made you money, helped you land a job, or helped you make your book successful.  

If you realize in hindsight that I helped you even more than you initially realized, please feel free to send me a token of your gratitude.  Then tell me in the order how you're doing!  I do care and I'd love to know where you're at now.

Please don't book projects here, this is a very simple gig where you can compensate me for my habitual overdelivery and any unexpected success after the 30-day window for rating & tipping on a normal gig delivery.

My business is my only source of income to support me and my children, and Fiverr is an important supplement for my local business income.  Helping me maintain a living wage through Fiverr is very much appreciated.