I will make a funny cartoon about anything you like

Personally i didn't like the outcome .... but as part of other areas i have given a fair rating ... for you to make a decision
Reviewed by deadbull07 almost 3 years ago
Great work and super fast!
Reviewed by garrsy over 3 years ago
This will make the Kid'z chuckle, : ) . . . a joke with a twist. Appreciate the researched info.
Reviewed by icepink7 almost 4 years ago
make a funny cartoon about anything you like

About This Gig

Looking for some humor? You've come to the right Gig, I can make a joke about any topic that you find interesting.  I'll also design a cartoon and send you the image! I will not make fun of any celebrity, religion or ethnic group, this gig is not meant to offend anyone or cause hatred. The humor can be a quiz or a knock knock jock!

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