I will write, rewrite or edit your product user manual

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About This Gig

Your product's User Manual should serve 2 important purposes:

  1. It should reflect the image of your company.
  2. It should help the buyer use your product safely and correctly.

Whether you have an existing manual that simply needs an edit or has to be rewritten totally, I can help. See my gig images for an example of a manual before I rewrote it and then what it looked like after the rewrite.

If you don't have a manual yet, I can write one from scratch with information and images you provide me in Word or PDF format.

As each manual is unique and every customer's requirements are different, it's impossible for me to give standard gig prices and times.

Please contact me before placing an order.

When I am contacted regarding my gigs, the message often reads something like: "I have xyz project. Are you interested? How much?"

My answer is always "Yes, I'm interested." Before I can however make you a custom offer, I need as much detail as possible. When making an inquiry, please send me all the files you have and tell me as much about the project and your requirements as possible.

I work with words and can include jpg images that you provide. I don't create graphics or work in AI or Photoshop.

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Write, rewrite or edit your manual

Depending on how much work is required.

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