I will analyze graphics on your website for speed

analyze graphics on your website for speed

About This Gig

I’m a Senior Engineer in Technologies, Plus than 8 year as a professional working for many companies in IT projects and design, I’m dedicated as a freelance full time,  I want to offer my skill to your services. One-third of computer users says they 'are frustrated by web browsing, The most frequent complaints Among are long download times, In my experience, a large part of web performance problems are Caused by the alarming growth of un-optimized web page graphics.

Common Problems, with digital cameras now outselling film cameras, the number of digital images appearing on the Web has exploded. Unfortunately with Each new generation of camera, image sensors and megapixel counts continue to increase. Homepage bailout rates rise, grow bandwidth costs, and profits fall as slow-loading graphics brings browsers to their knees.

As a Professional Web Graphics Optimizer, I Have the experience on graphics optimization speed, just forget for maximum speed.

I want to let you know I Just will study and analyze you images on your website and delivery you a recommendation, if you want I modified your images on the slider, gallery, for improve your home page speed, you must pay additional.