I will proofread your resume cv in 4 HOURS

proofread your resume cv in 4 HOURS
proofread your resume cv in 4 HOURS

About This Gig

Need a great resume?
Want your curriculum vitae to impress?
Want your CV reviewed by a serious professional, and fixed -- FAST?

I am a Duke University grad -  I'm friendly, and experienced, and very good.  

Every resume and CV, proofread and edited by me personally. 

For just $15, you get:

1. Careful review: I review and correct each resume, personally.

2. Everything fixed: Your resume is edited & proofread to perfection

3. Deep dive: you get my best advice on your resume / CV overall presentation, and new parts written for you if they will help.

4.  New look:  A professional, clean, "Wall Street" look. A clear, concise, perfect looking resume.

5.  FAST:  Results in just 4 hours.  This cannot be beat, on Fiverr or anywhere else.

If I'm sleeping when you order, I will return your result immediately when I wake up!  I am in the Eastern USA, "New York City" time zone.

NOTE - PLEASE send your resume or CV in Microsoft Word. Sending a .pdf or Apple Pages document does not work!

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision

4 hour resume

In just 4 hours you will get your resume, corrected and re-formatted with a perfect Wall-Street look

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is this service?
    Just $15!
  • What do I get?
    1. Your resume gets reviewed carefully by me, personally 2. I fix all errors and correct all awkward language 3. I perform a "deep dive" on your resume to make sure its overall impact is the best possible 4. You get a new Wall-Street-professional-looking format 5. All in 4 hours
  • How can I make my resume better without this service?
    Look at it from the employer's perspective. If you own a business, and you want to hire somebody, you will want to know, "What can this person do for my business?" So, make your resume say that! What you can do, for THEM. If your resume just talks about YOU, change that!
  • Any other tips?
    Yes! Make your resume REALLY CLEAR. Pretend you are showing it to your 10 year-old little sister. Make sure SHE can understand: 1. What kind of worker are you? Computer programmer? Consultant? Insurance expert? Tell us, right up front! 2. What kind of JOB you want! 3. Why you're good!