I will proofread edit fix your report, term paper, essay FAST

proofread edit fix your report, term paper, essay FAST
proofread edit fix your report, term paper, essay FAST
proofread edit fix your report, term paper, essay FAST
proofread edit fix your report, term paper, essay FAST

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  I edit and correct your essay. $5 for each 500 words. BASIC edit, plus: I'll improve your essay with new ideas for a better grade. $10 each 500 words. STANDARD, PLUS I give comments on each page to teach you to become a better writer! $15 for each 500
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About This Gig

Let an experienced writer make your essay perfect! Born and bred in the U.S., English is my first and only language.

$5: Get my careful review, proofreading and correcting of each page of your paper. -- Basic --  I personally edit and correct it myself. $5 for each 500 words.

  • Result in 24 hours
  • 1-500 words = $5
  • 501-1000 words = $10
  • 1001-1500 words = $15
  • etc.

$10: Let me IMPROVE your essay! -- Standard -- After I proofread and edit your essay, I'll make improvements with ideas that really kick it up a notch.  I'll make these changes myself --  you can just sit back and read your new, better essay!  $10 for each 500 words.

$15: LET'S MAKE YOU A BETTER WRITER! -- Premium -- I'll edit, correct, and improve your essay for you, AND write comments on each page that teach you how to write better!  $15 for each 500 words.

$25: SUPER FAST - get your results in just 4 hours.  $25 extra, doesn't matter how long your paper is, this is always just $25. Now that is REALLY FAST.

Note: your document must be in Microsoft Word! Sending a .pdf or Apple Pages document does not work!

I am a graduate of Duke University, and an attorney with over 10 years of practice.  Relax, and let me take care of it from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get my essay back "right now"?
    It's possible! ** IF ** I am at my computer, I will be happy to fix your paper RIGHT NOW! Just select the $25 extra for "4 Hours" -- I won't charge you any more for RIGHT NOW! (Again, "right now" is only possible if I happen to be at my computer when you order!)
  • How much does this cost?
    For my personal editing and fixing of your essay's proofreading errors (the "BASIC" gig), it's just $5 for each 500 words. Look at the bottom left of your Word document to see how many words you have! 500 words = $5 501 words = $10 1001 words = $15 etc.
  • Does this get me a better grade?
    People often tell me that they got an "A" after I edited their paper! It's not a guaranty, but: 1. If you are writing about something interesting, 2. If you didn't copy it, or buy a pre-made essay, and 3. If you read my result carefully, ... there's a good chance we can make it an "A"!
  • I don't know how to end my paper?
    I'll figure it out for you! Just order the STANDARD service, "Improve Your Essay"! It's $10 for every 500 words and worth every penny!
  • Do you have any general advice for how to get an "A"?
    Yes! Do this: 1. Think of 2 or 3 points to make 2. Start the essay by saying that you will discuss [2 or 3] points. Name them briefly. 3. Now write a full paragraph or two about each point. 4. End by re-stating your 2 points, with a little observation about what we've learned on each one.