I will perform a custom audition of your script

perform a custom audition of your script

About This Gig

You've listened to my demos but couldn't find exactly what you want. I will read your specific script, up to thirty seconds or 75 words, according to your specific directions and deliver it to you within 24 hours of your order. And you can have this audition FREE!

The sole purpose of this gig is to allow you to determine if you want to actually buy my Voiceover Gig to perform your work. The recording is for your personal internal use only and may not be given or sold to a third party or displayed to the public in any medium. 

If you do hire me to perform your work by buying my Voiceover Gig for any amount over $5, I will credit you with the $5 spent on the audition—making this FREE!

If you want to direct me live via Skype, either choose the Skype extra in this gig or choose my regular Skype gig for more options.

Contact information such as addresses, URLs and phone numbers will be omitted or altered at my discretion

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Custom Audition

I will read your script up to 75 words or 30 seconds

  • Up to 75 Words
1 day delivery