About This Gig

FAST DELIVERY! - I understand time is money, so you can expect fast delivery and excellent communication.

More than 27 years in the broadcast business! I've written thousands of video & audio scripts, both long and short for corporate clients (not just on fiverr). I can do the same for you. I understand how to write a professional script for your product or service. I can even record the video for you.

Views some videos: www.vimeo.com/newsanchor

Let's get started...

Kindly let me know the main points for the script, a sentence for each point. I also need to have a look at your website address so I can become inspired! 

Most videos that I produced, I also wrote the script.

Here's the cost breakdown...

$10 =  150 words
$15 =  200 words (this the average, about 90 seconds)
$20 =  300 words

On fiverr, 200 words seems to be the average and recommended length for a short promo video or mini newscast.
If you have any questions, let us know. Order with confidence!