I will sell a Desktop Application

sell a Desktop Application

About This Gig

There are Useful Desktop Applications written in VB.NET for sale.

The applications you can buy:

1- Rename Files Application: This application renames all files in a selected folder; the names from given OLD characters/words to given NEW characters/words.

2- XLS Compare Columns Application: This application COMPAREs 1.Excel File x.Column(user enters) content with 2.Excel File y.Column(user enters). If content is found then write the row into FOUNDCOLS.XLS file. If not found then write row into NOTFOUND.XLS file.

3- XLS Merge Files Application: This application MERGEs selected(checked) or all Excel files into new  Excel-file at given folder.

4- FTP Download Files Application: This application DOWNLOADs contents of folder via FTP connection to a given local PC folder.
(Ask for SFTP download.)

While buying gig; please select the application that you want from GIG EXTRAS.

P.S You can REQUEST OFFER for changes at the application you selected.