I will change or write VB applications

change or write VB applications

About This Gig

I am working on Visual Basic, VB.NET, MsAccess, MsSQL, MySQL, FireBird... since 2000.

I will change one simple VB.NET desktop application without DB queries or API.

Before your order; let me understand the details of your request first, so mail me a clear and detailed explanation please.

After analysing your needs; the amount of modules, DB usage, the cost and time will be cleared & we can discuss about it.

At the end of development I will provide for you;
1- a running application,(error free)
2- the full source code, (after this step the error corrections & changes will be charged)
3- If used DB backup

Full test of application is in your responsibility, after your confirmation; the source code & if any DB backup will send to you.