I will convert your Picture into a Puzzle

convert your Picture into a Puzzle

About This Gig

I will convert you Picture into TilePuzzle game for iPhone and iPad.

I will take any picture from you.
Make TilePuzzle game with the given picture.
I will set your picture as an icon for the application.

What do i need from you ?  
  • Any proper picture.
  • Your device UDID.
         1- Connect your iPhone/iPad to iTunes.
         2- Select your device.
         3- Click on Summary tap.
         4- Click on Serial Number word, UDID word will appear instead.
         6- Right Click on the UDID then Copy.
  • And send them to me.

When do you get your IPA file?

  • With in 2 hours

How to install the IPA file?
  1. Locate IPA file and Open it with iTunes. 
  2. Select your Device and Select your App
    • Now, you can find your device in left panel under "Devices" section
    • Select your Device
    • Click on "Apps" from tab menu on Right side.
    • Check the checkbox of "Sync Apps"
    • Check your Application from list of Application  
    • Click "Apply" (Bottom - Right Corner) Button to install check marked Applications.

Make Sure that, you send me the UDID of your device, The application will not work on any device else except the device of the UDID that you will give me.

Order Details

1 day delivery