I will program custom software for you

program custom software for you
program custom software for you

About This Gig

I will create a custom application for you for personal or business use.

Please contact me for details about the software and quote before ordering!

Extra Gigs:

1) Create an installer for the software that include the following features:

  • Installs itself in a custom folder
  • Has the option to create a desktop icon.
  • Creates registry entries that includes software version
  • Creates control panel entry
  • Creates an uninstaller

2) Implement a licenser / product key checker in the installer:

I can also, if you wish, license the application, so that you can monetize it. That means that the program by default is going to be downloaded by other users in trial-mode - where they will able to access the program and its features for a limited number of days - unless they have purchased, or are going to purchase the program. If the program has already been purchased, all the customer has to do is provide the serial number.
The serial number, as part of the licensing process, will be generated by me. I will generate a few hundred, or however many serial numbers or product keys you tell me to generate - which I will send to you in a text file.

Please contact me for a quote and details before ordering!!!