I will professionally edit your video

professionally edit your video
professionally edit your video

About This Gig

I can do professional video editing /post production on short films, big productions, short clips, music videos, promotions, commercials, intros, marketing videos, drone footage etc.
Anything you need for your video, don't hesitate to contact me 
I color correction and grading, title sequences, shake removal, various visual effects, audio sync, camera tracking, object removal, etc.
I do subtle edits and as well as outrageous transformations.

  • Output and render in any file format you would like
  • Keeping the highest possible quality for renders above 1080p, there will be an extra charge, amount dependent on footage
  • Express service available
  • Revisions always included,
  • Prices Negotiable

I use After Effects, Cinema 4D, Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro
PS. : Video editing takes time and is sometimes more complex than it seems, so contact me and provide me with details as to what you need, before making your order, so further discussion can occur and your project completed. Whenever You contact me I'll get to you as soon as possible.